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Durga Puja Celebrations

Sarva Mangal Mangalye, Shive Sarvarth Sadhike;Sharanye Triambke Gauri, Narayani Namoh Stute.

With this beautiful prayer, the KCites started their celebration of Navdurga in KCIS acres on Moday,October 30.The event started with Maa Aadi-Shakti’s Aarti and poojan. The little girls came dressed up as Maa Durga and her magnificent nine avataras, depicting the various forms of strengths lying within a woman. The little kids learnt the story of Maa Durga’s victory over Bhairo and Mahishasur through scene depiction, which was narrated by Mr. Subhendu Sarkar ,principal KCIS. A striking classical dance performance, showcasing Raksha-Mardini (demon destroyer) was presented by Ms. Rupali, dance instructor KCIS.

The entire week was dedicated to Maa Aadi-Shakti, the creator of life. She symbolizes the right blend of characteristics of a true woman- strength, power, knowledge, love, affection and motherhood. She is a mother but in need she can be Maa Kalratri.There lies a Durga in each girl,so each girl should be respected and given equal rights.

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