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KC International School Celebrated Sri Krishna Janmashtami

KC International School Celebrated Sri Krishna Janmashtami ,on August 23 2019, in its premises with immense devotion. Janmashtami Celebration is a way to celebrate all forms,a complete individual can be;to inculcate moral values among students the life story of Lord Krishnna was depicted through a puppet show.Principal Mr.SubhenduSarkar worshipped Little Krishna and rocked the cradle with students. Krishna’s persona from Bal Gopal to Rudra Avatara was highlighted by Pre-Primary students through tableaus and a grand Fancy Dress Show.The true devotion to Krishna was showcases through Ras-Leela Dance by Primary Wing and the event was summed with Radhe-Krishna Chanting. ‘Radhe Krishna ‘ is not a simple chant but it embraces the entire universe in it;it is, indeed, Raah De Krishna…Krishna Show us the right Path and lead us towards it.

The sky was filled with colourful kites above the KCIS campus when students of class 7th and 8th were flying kites high in the sky.

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